Annette Rivers: Visionary

Mrs. Rivers is the Visionary and Originator of Operation Heal.  Operation Heal is on the ground level, going into poverty-stricken neighborhoods and providing enriching tools, going into City Halls with proposals, and going into churches to widen the tent.  On any given day, on any given news network, we are shown that our country needs to heal from deep-seated wounds.  Our economic situation is out of whack.  The rich are being rewarded and bailed out while homelessness and poverty are on the rise.  Our social climate stands as a volatile explosion of anger, confusion, and racism.  2016 and 1964, have more in common than it should, and yet; we have little to no leaders with the know-how to provide direction in these perilous times.  "Something has to be done". You can become part of the Healing Process today.  If you are serious about change, then this is the avenue.

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Annette Rivers: Motivational Speaker

Annette Rivers also serves as a motivational speaker promoting effective seminars to participants. Annette’s appeal as a motivational speaker has created, Workshops by Annette Rivers. In addition, to live seminars, this venture also features web conferences and webinars.  Annette is passionate about people living up to their potential and uses her insight to propel others forward.

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Annette Rivers: Talk Show Host

Mrs. Rivers is the Executive Producer, Director, and Host of Kingdom Talk. The Kingdom Talk Show is a fun, edgy, and realistic talk show hosted by Life Coach Annette Rivers. Kingdom Talk covers controversial topics relating to business, religion, and community issues. Kingdom Talk is not targeted to one group or demographic, but to a large spectrum of cultures and ethnicities. 

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Annette Rivers: Life Coach

Annette Rivers is compelled to bring her insights from the business sector, as well as, ministry business solutions to aid individuals in their personal conquests.  There are people with fame and fortune but have blown it quickly because the people around them don't have their best interests in mind.  Furthermore, there are plenty of common, hardworking people with dreams of climbing the ladder of success; however, do not have the resources and connections to position them in the right sphere of influence.  Life Coach Annette Rivers is a mentor to those needing the assistance and drive to reach the Next Dimension.

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Annette Rivers: Surge Experience

The Surge Movement is God's movement.  The preparer of the bride of Christ.  Surge is the voice of God crying to the nations, "Prepare for the bride groom cometh".  With a mandate from God, Annette Rivers strives to rescue souls from religion and man inspired doctrines by teaching the love, deliverance, and power of God.  She strives to motivate individuals to live a life dedicated to Christ through a personal relationship with "Him" by creating an awareness of the life-changing effect one can encounter simply by touching the "Hem".

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